The Windsor District

Since the development of the Windsor Hills Shopping Plaza in 1959, the Windsor Area has been known as one of this city’s finest destinations for shopping, services, dining and entertainment.

Over the last 56 years, many changes have taken place in the shopping plaza and along 23rd Street as well. Some of the changes have been good; some not so good. We’ve seen retailers come and go. We’ve watched businesses turnover at an alarming rate. We’ve witnessed new shopping areas (like Reno and MacArthur) emerge and pull shoppers and service-goers from our area.  Some businesses have experienced higher crime rates and vandalism.  Others have found it difficult to keep their property maintained and in repair.

But, amidst all these changes and hurdles,  there are good things happening as well. New businesses seem to have made themselves a permanent home. Several long-standing businesses have continued to operate, but are feeling the impacts of economic and demographic downturns.

Knowing that the City’s Revitalization Plan for the western portion of NW 23rd runs from I-44 west to the City’s limits (just west of MacArthur), the Windsor Area Business Group looked at establishing boundaries that allowed the greatest benefit to those served by the neighborhoods bounding NW 23rd to expand the revitalization as much as possible.  The Group decided that the boundaries for this Merchants group would be from I-44 west to the Oklahoma City limits (just west of MacArthur) along 23rd Street and would include all streets intersecting 23rd Street three blocks to the north and three blocks to the south:


The Windsor District map








The above map also denotes the two phases in which the total project will be completed.  Once Phase 2 of the project is finished, it will connect to the 23rd Street East Streetscape Project and complete the total revitalization of 23rd Street from the Capitol to the Oklahoma City limits.

The 23rd Street East Streetscape Project is in its final stages of completion and businesses along that section of the corridor are bounding back from their downturn and seeing a steady increase in sales and repeat customer business.

It has been said that the “proof is in the pudding.”  For our proof, we’ve taken a good look at several areas in the Oklahoma City metro that have formed merchants groups, put streetscape plans into action, and have created thriving business districts with improvements in adjacent neighborhoods:

• Automobile Alley             • Downtown OKC               • The Paseo District             • The Plaza District            • The Stockyards                 • Western Avenue Business District

The Windsor Area Business Group has begun meeting with these districts to learn how they planned for their successes and overcame obstacles, while looking at new ways of doing business and creating events to attract and maintain business.

These photos illustrate some of the types of improvements that could be a part of the 23rd Street West Streetscape Plan — a plan in which YOU have the ability to contribute.